February 25, 2015

Hello London!

The dream city of many people. 
The city I'll be staying in for the next four months - well, now there are three more months to go. 
One month ago, when I came here, I was really excited and was ready to have the time of my life. Now that I've been here for a month now, I can say that I am certainly not disappointed. London is indeed a great city and there are soo many things to do, I don't even know where to start!
To be honest, I haven't done as much as I should have, but well, I still got three months, don't I?

Anyways, let's start talking about the things that I DID do. 
School has started around five weeks ago. We first had an orientation week. It was quite fun because we got to meet many other exchange students who we went out with on the very first day. Most of them were French - there are quite a lot of French people here - but some we're from Germany as well. As soon as classes started, I met even more people and this time, they weren't only French and German people, but also from all over the world! From Colombia, from Chile, from Spain and the U.S. (only to name a few). With some of them, I went out, we went to pubs, clubs, and also markets or just to the city.


Another thing that I've been up to is dancing. I signed up for a dance studio and I've been going to several dance classes. Yes, like everything else in London, it's quite expensive, but I really enjoy it and therefore I don't mind spending that much on it. The dance studio is called Pineapple studio and it's located near Covent Garden which is quite convenient. I got the three month membership for 68 pounds. Basically, you get the membership and then it's a pay-as-you-go thing. So every time you go to a class, you have to pay around 7 pounds. I told you, it's expensive. 
I usually take Hip Hop classes but every now and then I go to a Jazz class or, the last time I went, I went to a Zumba class. I don't think I'm going to another one though because it wasn't as fun as the Hip Hop classes. 

Well, I guess I'll have to explore London a bit more, so that I have more things to talk about!


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