March 04, 2015

Short visit to Germany!

Hanyi is one of my best friends. She's just the sweetest girl I know and since it was her 20th birthday on the 27 February, I decided to surprise her and fly back to Germany. I gotta say it was quite exhausting because the bus ride, the flight and the car ride from Frankfurt Hahn to Darmstadt took around 8 hours in total. Thank God, my uncle picked me up at the airport to drive me all the way to Darmstadt, otherwise I wouldn't have made it before midnight. 
Anywhoo.. Hanyi was so happy to see me and I really missed her and also my other friends. I think not seeing your family and friends for such a long time is the hardest part of being in London. But still, no matter how long you're apart, as soon as you are reunited, it's like you never left. That's what I love about them so much. The same thing goes to Mariam, also one of my best friends, who I had lunch with on Sunday before flying back to London. It was quite a busy weekend because I wanted to make the most out of my stay in Frankfurt. I spent the whole saturday with my sister and friends and in the evening I went to Mooyul Obba's birthday party. (He turned 30! hahaha)
Mooyul Obba is someone I call my "husband" because apparently, when I was little I used to say that I wanna marry him. I think I was about 4 years old back then and he was 12. 

Now, I'm back in London and I gotta start working on some assignments that are due next week. Time flies!
Only one month left till Sohri, my sister, comes to visit. It's during my easter break and besides Sohri coming to London, I'm gonna be traveling to Sweden with some of my friends who I met here in London. I'm also thinking about going to Paris or somewhere else, maybe some place warm. 
We'll see. 


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